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Do you have every piece of your jigsaw?


It is not long now until the first anniversary of Hunting for Profit. July the 1st will mark that day and it has been a pleasure to help other traders over the past 10  months. Those that have put the hard work in are now reaping the rewards and it fills me with pride when I get messages from members telling me the positive progress they have made.

Part of the reason I set the service up was it was clear there was nothing out there that taught in running traders how the markets really work. There is so much old material out there that is so outdated the markets have moved on and evolved. Gone are the days you can just make a list of horses that historically traded well then set and forget on that runner, gone are the days you can just back any front runner and always be able to nick a profit.

Are you one of them people that bangs your head against the computer in frustration that the horse you backed never went below SP? Are you the trader that gets upset when your front runner never gets backed in? Maybe you layed a horse and can’t work out why it has been hammered in?

I study racing everyday and compile a detailed daily watch list for members of potential trades to look for, so what? it is only information right? Blindly backing or laying from using the watch list is pure madness. The same can be said for using pace cards, speed ratings, system ratings, tissue prices. Whatever you use just going in off the back of some information is not enough. Information is just that information and nothing more. What information does do is it aids us in making a trading decision however that is only one piece of the jigsaw.

What has amazed me the most is how so many traders do not understand the whole picture. There are so many factors that shape a race and that is even before we get to market reading. So you have your information but do you have an idea how the race will be run? do you understand the whole picture? do you have every piece of the jigsaw?

I didn’t set this up to spoon feed members trades, I wanted to help educate them on how to read the markets in play so they can make solid trading decisions for themselves. I want members to become competent market readers and be able to make well timed solid decisions.

I am proud to say members are building up their general race knowledge, understanding on how to execute in a safe and systematic way by knowing how to read a market and this is key folks!!! If you can’t read a market in play then you will possibly be that rabbit in head lights at some point zoned in on your runner wondering what the hell is going on whilst your bank disappears down the plug hole.

Sadly we need those rabbit in head lights traders in the market to take money from because someone has to lose in this game.

At Hunting for Profit we have our watch list and a Skype room where traders interact passing on good information where often we add trades to our day just on what is going on in the market. We have a safe and systematic method we use, we know how races are shaped and we know how to read the markets so we have all the parts to the jigsaw. We have all the tools to make a solid professional trading decision.

I am incredibly proud of members that have been with us for a while now, some from day one that are now chipping in with their own comments on races, comments that help assist others in the group learn our way of trading.

You get as much out of trading as you put in. I personally have put in a hell of a lot of my time and dedication not only into Hunting for Profit but my own trading, those close to me both inside and outside of trading know what I put in. My advice is don’t be a rabbit in headlights and find every piece to the puzzle because when you do it will open your eyes to a whole new level and things will become so much clearer.

Stay green.