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Really where has this year gone? It is nearly Christmas and as I reflect back on the year its been a bloody busy one personally working hard to deliver the best possible trading service out there. I am a workaholic for sure just ask our members! I am constantly analysing racing and markets to provide the best up to date information and keep us ahead of the rest. Mentoring a group of over 100 people is a challenge but very rewarding when you see individuals grow and mature as traders.

I advised members before the summer cards kicked in to focus on execution and use the summer period to really improve as traders. Those that listened to me with my daily advice in the group have improved and developed as traders. I am incredibly proud of all of them that are making progress. I have had a handful that have pushed on and for them hit life changing results. Here is a snippet of a message one member recently sent to me:

“I am a very lucky person, I have a good life, flipside, I worked bloody hard for it. Anyway, I need extra income to fund my life and you mate have enabled me to find that extra income stream. I’d be falling short otherwise, but this system, that you so kindly have shared and more to the point, the hard work you put in to give guys like me a set of notes to work with on a daily basis is the reason, me and my wife can do the things we want to (within reason of course as I’m not flash) so I just wanted to say thank you as the last few months have proved to me I can do this. The comment “lifechanging” is often said by one member in our group well for me personally that’s true as it will mean we can do things we want to. So feel good about yourself because you have changed the lives of 2 members and indirectly their families, that is in no way dramatic or sensational, it is merely the truth, thank you, you’re a top bloke”

That member did not like trading flat racing back in April but now he enjoys it and is very competent at trading it along side his excellent race reading on the National Hunt. He is one of a handful that have really pushed on and I am so proud of everyone that are making real strides on their journey.

Comments like the above fill me with immense pride but in reality it is them that have done the hardest part. I can teach them to read the market correctly, show them the safest way to trade in running and give them very handy pointers to improve their patience and discipline but ultimately the final hurdles are done by themselves and it comes from within.

Hunting for Profit has grown into something beyond my expectations, all the education up until recently has been done online however as the service has grown the demand for me to run a course has grown.

I delivered my first course to 21 current members this week. I acknowledge people learn in different ways and I can also teach the finer points of execution better in person myself. The response and positive feed back I have received from students that attended has been amazing that I have decided to run more courses next year if the demand is there.

If you want to learn a safe systematic approach to the in play horse racing markets then please check out the rest of our new website and get in touch if you wish to get involved

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