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This time of year is normally the time people sit back and reflect how their year has gone, as we approach Christmas and New Year some say they can’t wait for the year to finish because they have had a dreadful year be it on a personal or professional level. Others will reflect saying how great it has been, they might have had a positive year with reasons to celebrate.

Some traders will say they can’t wait for next year its their time to push on and finally crack this game others will want to push on next year to the next level in their trading. I get this train of thought, it is nice to have goals and challenges but the truth is come January the first it is just another day, month and year. Sorry to sound a bore but it is bloody true!

Life is never straight forward, it is a roller coaster and there are often obstacles to cross, it is no different in trading. So you are in 2020 are you all of a sudden going to up stakes and up goes the profit? No it does not work like that. Why wait until then? Why 2020? Remaining positive and optimistic is a good thing but expecting better results or a turn of good fortune because of a new year is just plain silly.

You have to want to change for results to change, if this is reviewing your method of execution, working on your mindset or general approach to the markets. It is also good to remind yourself if you are prepared to change this is unlikely to happen over night either. Sorry to sound realistic but it is the truth, you have to be prepared to change your habits and stick to the new ones over a long period of time. That period to change is likely to differ per person it won’t be straight forward and there will be obstacles in the way, 2020. 2021, 2019 day, month or year time does not matter. It is how you conduct yourself now here in the present is what matters.

The purpose of hunting for profit is for members to become self-sufficient traders, not spoon-fed trades but to become competent traders who are able to take profits from the best that the markets offer. I have seen many make steady solid progress in our trading group speaking to some members 1-2-1 they have come on leaps and bounds. The ones that have made very good progress are the ones that have put in the work, plenty of screen time and dedicated themselves to the challenge set.

I have enjoyed the challenge of running courses this year and it is much better now the courses are in person where I can really get my point across on areas of trading which were harder to explain over the internet. Some members have even attended the course twice not that I would say it is needed but we have had at least two cases where results have improved because of attending twice.

Whilst you will not find the secret sauce at hunting for profit (it does not exist) where you will be banging out the winners from day one trade after trade. I make no excuses for my approach, I am a realist, I take red trades like the best of them. We have an approach that works if you are prepared to put the time and effort into it plus you are willing to change your habits you might just be closer than you think to becoming a competent self-sufficient trading success story.

Please check out a blog post I wrote this time last year the member I talk about in the post is still with us and making healthy wages of up to 5k a month on average:


What 2019 has made me realise is I can give everything 7 days a week to an inspiring trader but if they are not prepared to put the grind in, work on themselves, their mental approach possibly with my help 1-2-1 then I can’t help them at all. You have to want change, a lot will let their ego get the better of them sadly. Those that embrace the full challenge of hunting for profit stand a chance but you have to want to really put your heart and soul into it with plenty of screen time training that trading eye.

We have two courses for 2020 pre booked, February has sold out and March the 23rd we still have some places left if interested drop me an email via the website.

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To all of you that read our blog posts have a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year

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