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I wrote a blog post about success stories a couple of years ago, it got to the point where I needed confirmation for myself more than anything that my teaching actually works and some members were making progress. I felt at the time if I did not have any successful students making progress after roughly a year and a half of running the service then it would be pointless carrying on. It is fine for me to bleat on about I done this and I done that but if others were not grasping the what’s, how’s, why’s and when’s then its a waste of my time and energy to continue. So having spoken to several members they confirmed to me that they were making great strides with their trading. You can check that blog post here

So over two years on I am going to share with you some more success stories, I have recently spoken to several members about their progress over recent months and it is great to hear of more making good progress. I am writing this for two reasons, one to inspire current members and potential future members that still have some way to go to getting into that green zone of profit and two for confirmation to me that my teaching is still working. As you can probably tell I am self critical in a sense that I am constantly reviewing my own performance as a mentor but I also do the same with my own trading. 

 Although posting profit and loss statements can be inspiring to some in preference, I have always tried to offer some value of education through social media with these blog posts, the racing diary and the podcasts all of which you can find for free on the website. But today I will share a couple of profit and loss screen shots from members who have been making some really good progress.

Having known already we have at least a handful of members hitting well over 4 figures a month in profit it was good to hear from other members making progress this year, one member sent me this screen shot last month saying ” its been hard old work but you have helped me every step of it and it shows if people apply themselves properly its a solid method, this is the type of consistency I am often hitting  now” 

Another member said to me ” What you have added is the method for understanding and trading an edge and the general understanding of how the mad world of In-play trading works. I am still very frustrated with my aversion to risk and my poor execution on occasion, I can look back at my records since July 13 and see that I am several thousand pounds in profit – but more than that I am becoming more and more consistent.  When we last spoke I was stuck on a profit figure of roughly £30 per day, that is now between £50 and £60 so I am making some progress.  Why am I frustrated? Because I know I have the ability to make 3 or 4 times that amount but it will come in time…so thanks Matt for helping me to put the pieces together.  I have wanted to trade sports for many years and know more than ever that this is all I want to do. I just have to keep challenging my mindset, keep learning and keep improving…but I know that I have those solid foundations that you talked about recently in the academy.”

Another member who has been in the group for some time is starting to hit over 4 figure weeks, they shared with me below their first week of trading this month saying ” Hi Matt please see enclosed a screen shot of my trading, I know you are not big on the sharing of P&L and I really understand why now, my mindset is really on point coupled with the fantastic advice and guidance you have given I am now hitting over a grand in 7 or 8 day periods and that is with taking a day off a week, I fully understand some weeks are quieter than others so my mindset is fully in tune with that and my ego in check, thank you for everything you offer, less than a quid a day I pay for your service, the extensive watch list’s you provide are worth at least that alone let alone everything else you offer, your hard work with us is much appreciated. Once you grasp how to use the watch list information correctly coupled with the method and right mindset it slowly comes together. I have hit a lot of brick walls along the way though, it has not been a straight road, thank you”

It has been an odd year with racing called off during the first lock down for the pandemic, then we had a slow return to racing and now things seem to be nicely back in full flow again. Three and a half years in and I am now looking at winding down a little from 2021, I will be offering some courses still but in smaller numbers and as before there is a vetting process, you do not need prior experience with trading or a huge experience of horse racing but a basic understanding of how to use trading software will help. What I am looking for is hard working individuals who have time to put that valuable screen time in and be prepared to go through the tough days by listening to my advice.

If you think you have what I am looking for, want to learn how to trade a proven solid safe in-play strategy and learn to grow into a winning mindset then please check out our education links on the website. Course links are below, drop me an email via the contact boxes on the website if interested. Our first course next year is limited numbers at the hotel on Monday the 15th of February. I might also still run some courses online but currently, there are no specific dates.

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I would like to wish all followers and members of Hunting for Profit a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

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