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Betting People interview with Simon Nott at Star Sports

I was recently interviewed by Simon Nott for Star Sports betting people series on Youtube. It was a pleasure to do this interview having watched quite a few of the videos from this series and followed Simon and Ben Keith on Twitter. They have always come across as decent people within an industry that has many failings.

The betting people Youtube videos are well worth checking out, Simon has interviewed some big names in the industry, the late great racing broadcaster John McCririck, ex Jockey and now pundit Luke Harvey, Racing Tv presenter Nick Luck, Punter’s Nick Goff, Neil Channing, and many more. He recently interviewed legendary bookmaker Victor Chandler and punter Patrick Veitch. So it was nice to be asked to be interviewed and be part of this great betting people Youtube series.

So I agreed to meet Simon in London at Star Sports Mayfair office, I got there about 10 minutes before Simon so as I waited I was offered a drink from the kind staff and visited the toilets. Now anyone who has been into bookmaker toilets over the years will understand what I mean here when I say some I have visited resemble closer to Renton in that toilet scene in the film Trainspotting than a nice clean ablutions. So to my shock I found probably the cleanest bookmaker toilet in the land, certainly the cleanest bookmaker toilet I had visited! I know I was in Mayfair but still they were immaculate!! 

Anyway, Simon turned up about 10 minutes later and it was pretty much set up and straight into the interview. I obviously had an idea what Simon wanted to talk about, I was hardly there to tell him what my favourite beer or wine is or who do I think would win in a fight between a bear or a lion. Betting, trading, the journey to profit was the subject on order. 

Despite being fairly confident with public speaking from my experience running trading seminars myself this was still a new experience for me being thrust in front of a camera and slightly put on the spot to talk about what I do for a living. Simon is excellent in my opinion at interviewing having watched a lot of his betting people series myself and he soon put me at ease. 

The interview was a three part series and I was shocked how quickly time flew recording it, I didn’t say everything I could have and could have elaborated a bit on things but it is very difficult to get  everything in. I could talk all day about how to achieve a winning mindset and it is part of the courses I run and an important part along with how to read the market and execute in the safest way possible but also maximising profits when the market allows. 

In the first part of the interview I briefly talk about how I trade horse racing In-play. I talk about starting off as a complete mug punter before I started to make money from bookmakers matched betting back in 2007. I talked about starting to follow tipping services looking for the ‘holy grail’.

The internet and social media is awash with so many smoke screens and bullshit to wade through before you get to profit, many of these services I signed up to in the early days I didn’t even know the person behind the service! It could have been anyone and their back story could have been anything. I also talked about enduring some dark days before working out how to read a market to make a profit.

Part one is here 

I then spoke about my back story, past employment and family background, including active service with the Army, working as a car salesman then as a prison officer before taking the plunge trading full time. I also spoke about why I share my knowledge to other traders.

Part two here

In the final part I talked about the psychology behind betting and trading, how too many people are looking for a get rich quick scheme and are not prepared to go through the ‘heartache’ to get to the land of profit.  I talked about the ‘trading jigsaw’ as I like to call it and about the in-play horse racing courses I teach and the type of people I am looking for to teach and emulate what others in our trading group have done who stuck at it and put the hard graft in.

If you would like to learn to trade horse racing professionally in-play, learn how to read the market correctly, learn to execute and manage your trades in a safe way by understanding risk and value then get in touch via the contact boxes on this website. The courses I run are like no other, only a small percentage actually make money from trading/ betting so to get into that land of consistent profit you have to do what others are not or won’t do so we have a very different approach to the market. The course will give you the tools but you have to be willing to apply yourself correctly, put the hard graft in, get your head down, watch lots of markets, ask questions, work on your mindset and execution. I am here to help with that and our aftercare online academy skype rooms and over 400 training videos will help fast track you giving you quality education that I never got.

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