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Five years in …

Wow where does the time go, Hunting for Profit is one month away from being five years old, half a decade! madness. 

 I have put in a lot of work in over the past five years, a lot of hours to give members the best possible chance of success in the markets. I didn’t really expect Hunting for Profit to grow into what it has done, 30% of existing members have been with us since practically day one which is an outstanding stat really, so the education works.

I have learnt over the five years that I can’t help everyone for many different reasons, so I have tightened the criteria up as time has gone on for who to take on to mentor. This way I am not wasting anyone’s time or my own. This can make things more difficult to find the right people at the right time to help. Whilst I have enjoyed and continue to enjoy mentoring others to learn to trade horse racing on Betfair in-play I want a bit more time for myself in future so have decided I am slowly going to wind things down a bit more. 


So what is the future for Hunting for Profit?

I will be offering courses in person at a hotel in the UK or Ireland only twice a year, before the flat and jump seasons. So after the next course on Saturday the 18th of June in Manchester, the next opportunity will be in September/ October time, then the next opportunity after that will be April/ May of next year. I will have a maximum of eight on one course. I might remain slightly flexible in that if there is a sudden influx of people and I am happy to help at another time of the year then I might put on one extra course but I will mainly plan to stick to the twice a year offer, so there will be two course opportunities a year. Anyone wishing to attend a hotel course will go onto a waiting list, you will have to let me know how far you are willing to travel and I will arrange a location in the UK/ Ireland and date to suit the majority, this will become a first come first served basis from that waiting list. 

The online course will remain in place but again I will be taking less people on, a few each quarter, these online courses can be done in your own time with zoom/ skype 1-2-1 sessions with me for questions and answers if needed. 

After either course you will then join the academy online which will not change, the daily service will still be in place, existing members will still get the help they require with the benefit of well over 400 videos of trading content and all new content I plan to add over the coming months with up to date trading videos. 

I do enjoy getting out meeting new people, listening to traders problems, experiences so it is not something I want to totally give up yet. So if the right people are out there I will continue to offer help but there will be limited opportunities in comparison to the past as I have explained above.


So what am I looking for? 

Well you don’t need to know lots about trading or horse racing but if you don’t you must understand it is likely to take longer to learn. We do have profitable members who knew little about racing and trading when they joined. 

More than anything I am looking for people with the right attitude and desire towards learning a skill which takes time. As I have said trading is a skill, so you have to treat this as an apprenticeship, give it several months, dedication watching markets and learning from your mistakes. Use educational material I offer, listen to my advice, absorb the information. I don’t care what background you have as long as you are prepared to put the work in then I am here to support you. 

Over the five years some members have left Hunting for Profit, then gone around in circles trying out many other riskier ways to profit without factoring in and understanding value in the market to return a couple of years later saying they wish they just listened to everything in the first place and stuck to what hunting for profit is all about. Sticking to a plan can be hard early on especially when you are working on your mindset at the same time as learning the skill of execution. So it it vitally important you are prepared to go through the learning process and follow the plan Hunting for profit sets out. 

This course is like no other, this is not just reading a race and reacting to everything happening in the race, that is just part of the course. You get every part of the jigsaw at Hunting for Profit to profit long term, you get a giant shortcut I never got. That short cut is lots of educational information, guidance and support. You will still need to watch many markets and apply yourself correctly. 

If you wish to know more about me then go to my about page, link below where you will also find links to an interview I done with Simon Nott for Star sports Betting people series on Youtube. Also check out the course and success story links below. 

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