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My approach to trading the big festivals

Both codes of racing host big meetings across the racing calendar with several festivals like the Cheltenham Festival and Royal Ascot to mention two. A lot of hype builds around these festivals on who is going to win the big races and come the day of the first races many emotions can come into play.

Markets are very liquid, plenty of money is thrown around. It can become overwhelming for some traders particularly new traders. Many will think because the markets are so liquid it offers opportunity to make bigger returns. Whilst that might be true in some cases it is often not the case in many others. For example you might be a good pre race scalper, well these markets should be fantastic for that style of trading but the way markets shape or the way you stake and trade they might not offer bigger returns. 

Emotional detachment can be lost in the heat of battle if you are not careful in these markets. Most of the races are very competitive, so there are potentially a lot of things that can trip you up when looking to trade the festival markets.

The big fields, highly competitive races in particular can be difficult to assess pre race which is why members of Hunting for Profit are likely to find some, not all but some of them races not on our daily watch list’s. I could write an essay on every horse in some races with positives and negatives but this is not going to be great help when you are looking at making a quick decision in-play in a 30 runner field when there are 7 or 8 runners in contention. 

 You will see people on social media posting up their big green screens, don’t get sucked into this stuff, don’t think because it is the festival you should be making thousands more, it is so bloody easy to get sucked into all the hype. Take a step back, think about what you are doing and how your edge fits into what is going on.  

Whatever edge you trade with apart from the added bonus of more liquidity your approach should not change for them festival days. 

Stick to your trading rules.

The core principles in Hunting for Profit of what I teach you on the course remains the same, liquidity aside, we do not alter our methods or approach because it is the festival.

We may find some races away from the festival trade much better than festival markets, so picking your battles is important as it always is during the rest of the racing calendar. 

All this said there will be some opportunities no doubt, I just don’t add any pressure to make more during the festival it would be madness to do this. A trader should always go into battle without pressure on themselves to produce the goods, add pressure, adds mistakes, which can often add disappointment and negative results.

Picking your battles is important whatever way you trade and it is no different during festival racing. You should not think you need to make money in every festival market because there is a lot of liquidity, stick to your edge. If the market you are watching offers you a trade you apply your edge to the market, if it does not offer an opportunity you do not enter, it is as simple as that.

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