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HFP is Five years old today!

Five years today Hunting For Profit was born, yes half a decade wow! Anyone that knows my story is aware this kind of just happened and evolved, it was never planned.

I guess that has been the best thing about it really, as it has evolved I have tweaked things to make the education and experience the best possible for members to achieve success. I am an all or nothing kind of guy so when I looked into setting this up, after a few months I realised if I was going to provide people with a genuine chance of success then I would need to give the best quality of education I could.

Back in 2017 there was little out there for in-play education, I am aware there might have been very different courses run elsewhere but in general day to day there were lazy services that offered little, maybe a subscription list of horses to back or lay them horses each day. Many people are lazy though and are looking for an easy way to success, sadly for them they will subscribe to these service and go round and round in circles until they get dizzy and fed up. 

Trading education is like the wild west, it is unregulated madness, I would much rather it was regulated where someone from the gambling commission and the exchange were to attend our courses and vet the information I deliver. However that said I should not be unhappy with it being unregulated because it brings into the market mug punters, people trading with poor methods of execution and all other weird and wonderful ways to try and profit from the market. After all sadly someone has to lose so we need to take profits from someone.

We would not have lasted five years if we didn’t offer genuine education, why? well I would have pulled the plug on it for a start. If the education does not work then what is the point? We have genuine real members, real people!! that make money from this but it is not easy to start with. There is the part that puts a lot off “not easy” but it is achievable “over the long term” another part that puts people off. 

We have active long term profitable members in the group, roughly 30% have been with us from practically day one, five whole years, so the education clearly works. Our courses really are like no other not only does our course teach you to read the entire market, it teaches you to execute in a safe manner, the safest manner you can to achieve long term success trading in-play on Betfair in horse racing. Of course there are other ways but they are riskier and you need to be incredibly selective in your selection process, I will leave that thought with you.

Do your home work, find out a bit more about who is behind the service you are looking at and what they offer. What is their education, trading style, is it similar to other services so everyone is scrapping around for the same trade in the same markets? or do they offer something completely different to the majority? That is something that HFP offers a genuine service like no other, our approach to the market is very different to what you might find elsewhere.

Back in my deluded days trying to find that golden egg, that quick fix myself I remember signing up to services and I didn’t have a clue who was running it, just some bloke called “Dave” it could be anyone! Madness! Also following any Tom, Dick and Harry on social media, it really is awash with crap. Of course there are the odds snippets of wisdom and genuine people out there but in a world that is not regulated you have to do you due diligence. 

Speak to members of that group that are successful, ask them questions. Some of course sadly will have left HFP unsuccessful, that is the nature of the beast, only a few percent get success from this long term, the trading pool is shark infested waters. So some will leave with the attitude “that does not work” or “that is too hard” they then go off to try something that seems easier but in the end they fizzle away, people come and people go, blimey I have some stories! But they can be saved for another day.

So ask yourself what did the successful ones do that the others didn’t? My way of teaching is not everyone’s cup of tea either, I am straight to the point, I don’t muddle my words, there is enough to think about in the heat of battle as it is when trading without over complicating things for people learning.

Some people have an ego they want massaging, I have had many people from all walks of life come through HFP doors. We have had people from both private and public sectors, Doctors, Police, Prisons, business owners, self employed, retired, ex horse racing employees from most areas of racing, ex professional sports people, Betting industry employees including Betfair. So many people from all walks of life. 

What I don’t do is put anyone on a pedestal, I don’t care if you are the most famous person in the world,  I don’t care if you have worked in racing or not, I don’t care if you are brand new to racing or not, I don’t care if you are brand new to trading or not. What I care about is you are prepared to listen, absorb the information, take your time, ask questions, learn and treat this like an apprenticeship. Those that have taken this on board have found the best success from HFP. 

We have had people join who are already successful in other areas of trading and when they turn up they “get it” because they know what it takes they just needed the other in-play horse racing parts of the jigsaw so to speak but you can of course be brand new to it and that is fine you just have to understand that it will probably take longer for you to find success.

As I have said I don’t muddle my words, I say things as I see them, the market can be brutal in-play on horse racing IF you don’t know what you are doing. The so called “easy” trades take care of themselves but you have to be on your guard and understand when a market is not tradable, when to get out of it when things are not going to plan and not be a rabbit in headlight. 

I am proud of what HFP has achieved, I am not sure how much longer I will keep running the group, it has achieved far more than I ever imagined. I have helped change some peoples lives and made some genuine good friends from it which is bloody good going from a world that is a the wild west in terms of regulation full of chancers and delusion.

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Good luck & stay green



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