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The Chinese Bamboo Tree story

Have you ever heard about the Chinese Bamboo tree story? Let me digress a little first before I explain why I mention this story.

We recently had another Hunting for Profit gathering with a race day out at Epsom. It was not only good to get away, let the hair down with a few beers with some good racing, it was good to spend some time with like minded individuals. 

There was a good mix of very long term members at the meet up and newer members. Speaking to all of them individually and collectively they all had one common trait. All of them “get it” they are all aware of the patience, the discipline, the awareness you need to achieve anything in trading and probably life. 

I have met many people over the years in trading from all walks of life, different backgrounds, different life experiences. That comes with different mindsets and attitudes towards learning to trade. It is a fact the brain you bring into trading is not the brain that will make you profit, so you have to understand if you want to make consistent long term profit from this you have to go through a solid process to change your mindset to a winning one and also learn the skill of executing your trading plan.

Sadly many that come into trading either don’t have the time or the patience to learning a new skill. You need that time, dedication, patience and effort to put in. I am always willing to help anyone, you don’t need huge prior experience at trading or horse racing but what you do need is the right approach and attitude towards the long term plan. 

Trading is a skill which takes a lot of dedication, hard work, set backs, losing days. I recently put out an anonymous trading survey to current Hunting for Profit members and whilst some said it took them less than 6 months to get into profit after our course, more said it took them longer than a year. Some have even stuck it out 2 and 3 plus years to get into profit but are now being rewarded for their hard work and dedication. 

So you can see the differences in time scale for success, a lot of that will be down to the mindset and prior trading experience. Understand where you are on your trading journey, if you are completely new to this then it is highly likely to take you longer to achieve success. 

Growth takes patience and perseverance, just like the Chinese Bamboo tree story in the video above, go and watch it if you have not already done so. You have to be in this for the long game, water your trading plan, be patient, then when the consistent profits come they will grow and grow and grow. However like the Chinese Bamboo, it takes time. You might be a losing trader but if you are working hard on your mindset, learning the skill of execution with a solid method then you are learning and growing. Too many use their profit and loss to measure their progress, whilst that can partly measure it, that does not show the full picture. 

Are you willing to take action? are you willing to push past your fears and doubts? Make that decision and if you are Hunting for Profit can help you in a huge way to understanding how to read the Betfair horse racing markets in-play and execute using our quality method of execution. Our course is like no other. 

If you want to know more about learning to trade horse racing on Betfair in-play check out the previous success story blog posts below and check out the courses links too. Drop an email via our website contact boxes for more details and if you have any questions we can arrange a zoom or skype chat if you wish to know more.

Good luck & stay green



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