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I talk a lot about value within the market when trading, understand value within your edge and executing to the most effective way to profit but this blog post is not about that. This blog post is about finding value within yourself. 

You are who you surround yourself with in life and it is no different in the trading world. Finding the best value, guidance, support, help and surrounding yourself with like minded people with a positive winning mentality is more likely to give you a more positive outcome than not doing so.

Think of it like this, if you are in an environment that does not understand your value you are like a fish that is trying to climb a tree. If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree it is going to live it’s whole life thinking it is stupid. This is why your education has to be correct for you to feel more valuable, you have to change the environment you are in. 

As a trading mentor I look for the value in others, this is why when you contact me via email about our courses and academy, after the initial emails I will ask to speak with you online to make sure you are not wasting your time and money. If you want to continue in an environment thinking you are a fish climbing a tree then you don’t fit our philosophy. However buying into our beliefs, structures and the way we approach trading as a group you will give yourself a good fighting chance of success and won’t be judged or made to feel inadequate. The complete opposite in fact, you will be given a guide and discovery plan to move forward in profiting long term with plenty of positive encouragement in a winning environment. 

So surrounding yourself with poor value, the wrong people, the wrong voices, the wrong guidance and you give yourself a mountain to climb which you are most likely going to fall off down into the abyss. I myself worked out the systems I have in place to trade horse racing on Betfair In-play. Nobody taught me the execution I carry out daily now but I still surrounded myself with good competent traders from other walks in life who added value to my progress as a trader.

Our Hunting For Profit academy has never been so settled, 30% have been with us from day one and around 90% are long termers so when you join you are coming into a very settled, established winning environment. Some might feel inadequate joining such an established group however you should embrace it. I created this environment for people to thrive and have the best chance of success. It works very well, it does not matter what your current knowledge and ability as a trader is, what matters is your attitude towards learning this new skill, your willingness to embrace every part of the process handed to you. 

Trading is not for everyone, In-play horse racing trading is not for everyone. So I am looking for the right attitude and character to join our already happy and successful academy. When you join Hunting For Profit you get handed every part of education I never had, the parts that cost me so much in time and money, you get a short cut handed to you but it still takes time, discipline, patience to learn this new skill.

I part with my specialist advice, knowledge on reading the market, my edge, winning mindset and more, in return we expect you to embrace the journey over the long term, take it on like it is an apprenticeship. Imagine doing that for the next year? where could you be come next autumn? or two years later or would you rather go around in circles in the wrong environment thinking you are a fish climbing a tree or falling off that mountain into the ravine and drowning? It is highly likely going to cost you a lot more money being in that environment than being in an established winning one.

If you want to know more about learning to trade horse racing on Betfair in-play check out the previous success story blog posts below and check out the courses links too. Drop an email via our website contact boxes for more details and if you have any questions we can arrange a zoom or skype chat if you wish to know more.

Good luck & stay green



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