Hunting for Profit Review 2021

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I joined in November, I spent the first month watching videos and learning the course, then I started trading with small stakes, 5 and then up to 10 euro stakes.

What Matt teaches works but it is not a get rich quick course, it takes a lot of patience and discipline to follow the method and edge that hunting for profit offers. The phone calls and academy offer great assistance even though I don’t post anything on the group chat it has some great advice from Matt and other traders.

I tried another service a couple of years ago but it was not for me, I find this course fits my way of trading. The in running content that Hunting for profit offers is vast and very helpful to a newbie like myself.

I am still playing with smaller stakes I have over 300 profit in the three months I have traded. I know it’s about the process and the money will look after itself in due course. I am getting  used to it and still learning, I still get red days but have more green days and that consistency gives me confidence that if I keep my head in the video library I can up my stakes in due course and hopefully progress in the future.

Thanks to Matt for all the help and guidance that you offer.

Trevor – Member since November 2023 

Before joining HFP I was Matched Betting which was a side income for me whilst working full time. Matched Betting was great and I enjoyed some great profits over the year or two that I did it. However, it comes to an abrupt end with restrictions from bookmakers and it’s that which led me to HFP. I found HFP by luck, and a lot of good luck! Matt provides a service at HFP that is like no other in my humble opinion. Matt provides you with high quality training on tried and tested in-play horse racing trading methods. This doesn’t end at the door in and out of the training room with Matt. He welcomes you in to a professional network of traders that you can trade alongside, supporting training materials/videos and a daily watch list that acts as a guide each day. What Matt also does is operate with an open door policy where weeks or months after training you can seek further help and guidance. I’d recommend HFP to anyone looking to learn a skill that can give them a long term side or full time income. HPF is the best value for money service out there.

​Tom  – Attended course and member since May 2023

I Joined hunting for profit back in June 2022, I can confidently say this course has transformed my trading, the time and dedication that Matt puts into his students in my opinion is unparalleled, he really does want you to succeed at trading.

Matt does not only teach you trade, but also covers topics such as trading psychology, which is one of my biggest takeaways. The daily watchlist is also a massive aid in helping me select which races I want to trade with detailed key notes.

Since joining I have had the opportunity to go on two race days out with other HFP members, which has been invaluable, to meet likeminded traders in a social setting and discuss trading has been amazing. Thank you, Matt!

​Ivor  – Attended course and member since June 2022

I have been with HFP since the very first day it was created . I would one million per cent recommend this course and Matts teachings. The effort he puts in with the Skype room and daily notes is amazing and it really helps. Also Matt always says the door is always open, if you need him to help with anything, which is great to always know he’s there if needed as we areall humans and sometimes we need a little nudge to get back on track in which Matt always will help you do. I am now a profitable trader from being in HFP. Forever Grateful

Mark – Attended course and member since 2017

I have been a member of HFP since 2018 and the reason I’m still a member is simple, there is no better trading service for learning the in running horse racing markets. I know because I’ve been on a couple of other courses and they don’t match up. Matt is a fantastic mentor who puts everything into HFP. The video content alone is outstanding. There’s a video to cover every situation in a race when trading IR. In the heat of battle we have the racing rooms on Skype where Matt will always be giving input and advice when needed. So in the last few years I’ve gone from a rabbit in headlights frantically hitting the lay button, to calmly using the safe and systematic way of trading we use at HFP

Greg – Attended the course & Member since 2018

Being a full time tennis trader I have never been able to follow the same discipline in the in-play horse racing markets that I regularly use for tennis profits. Matt and his strategy has changed all that meaning that in-play horse racing trading is now a second income stream. Great support after the initial course with daily race by race live interactive chat with Matt and other members.

Tim – Attended the course & Member since September 2021

I have to say I was humming and harring for a while about doing Matts course as I’ve tried in-play before like many others without any success and wondered if in-play was for me but the minute I took the course I knew I’d be here for the long term . I’ve been a member about 11 months now and I can see what Matt teaches is a great safe systematic way of trading in-play markets. None of this lay the horse because its last or struggling crap we all know how that ends up. Matt puts in hours and hours for his members with videos, webinars and 1-2-1 help so if you are hard working have the time and want to learn how to trade the in-play markets properly then hfp is 100% for you
You will have no regrets.

Robbie – Attended the course & Member since October 2019

HFP is a top class service for anyone who is serious about learning the in play markets. Matt is a genuine top bloke who gives invaluable knowledge and guidance to his members. He doesn’t sugar coat things, tells it like it is which is the best way for anyone who is looking to improve their trading. A lot of other services will try to sell you the dream but with hard work, Matts guidance and the HFP community there isn’t a better place to learn in my opinion.

Haz – Member since November 2017

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time within the Hunting For Profit community. Its a vibrant place to be full of fantastic content from both Matt and other experienced IR traders. The chat rooms offer a friendly environment aimed at helping aspiring traders gain knowledge and confidence. From the initial course to the aftercare and video content, HFP is a fantastic place to learn. Matt teaches a safe and systematic way to trade the IR markets. He is always on hand to offer advice whether it be on a one to one basis or in the rooms. New videos are regularly uploaded for members giving pointers on certain trades. These i find really helpful. Trading isn’t easy, but if you want to learn IR, HFP has it all. With discipline, hard work and patience this is place to be.

Jody @WoooJody  – member since September 2018  Attended course Feb 2019


Matt is unbelievably professional and always strives for perfection and does his utmost to ensure our education for in running is the best it can possibly be, his door is always open if you want to private message him or send a trade to critique. He is always active in the racing rooms offering hints and tips in the heat of battle. He wants the best for all his members and strives to make as many of us successful through his determination and dedication.

Ernie – Member since May 2018

Through daily detailed notes, instructional videos, live and private mentorship, I have become successful with in running trading being a member of Hunting for Profit.
The sheer amount of hard work and commitment Matt puts into this service on a daily basis, makes it second to none.

Mike – Member since September 2017

Great course I attended ,fantastic insight into how to trade in play safely . My execution of trades improved dramatically. I Would fully recommend, Top information at a sensible price.

Mark – Member since July 2017 Attended course Nov 2018

I was put off learning to trade In play as all the other courses and software out there offer nothing in terms of risk vs reward and reading the market. Matt has several solid strategies which I am working on, alongside the “gold mine” chatrooms, watchlists and him as a mentor the service is fantastic. He doesn’t leave any stones unturned, I am really enjoying my learning and progress. In the past I have had horrific In running experiences, learning the safe HFP systematic approach has changed it from being a negative to positive experience. You don’t need huge banks or stakes either to crack this. I can’t recommend learning to trade IR the HFP way enough. Thanks Matt.

Helen @scalper120 – Member since Aug 2018, Attended Nov course 2018

Really pleased to have attended Matt’s first In running course. In Running trading has always been terrifying for me but Matt broke
it all down into a systematic, methodical approach which gives you the tools, confidence and opportunity to make it a success.

Mike – Member since May 2018 Attended course Nov 2018

I was a bit scared to try in play trading but after talking with Matt his guidance and educational content have helped me and I don’t feel frightened anymore. Matt guides us mentally with risk management and gives us a plan to succeed. No other person out there invests in education for In running trading like Matt so I have to say the service is unique.

Rob – Member since August 2017

Being a member of Hunting for Profit has been a revelation for me. I have been a losing trader for years but with Matt’s guidance on how to read the market and using his systematic approach I am now one happy profitable trader.

Steve – Member since July 2018

Hunting for Profit is a real guide and discovery educational programme which has taken me from an unprofitable trader to a profitable one.
Matt mapped out a journey with me offering education and support. I can now read in running markets thanks to Hunting for Profit meaning I can also be self-sufficient when I have a view on a race.
The methodology in line with the daily notes are quite simply a formidable partnership. in my opinion this has to be the best opportunity for anyone to learn in running trading properly, thank you Matt and Hunting for Profit.

Paul – Member since October 2017 Attended course May 2018

For years I have been looking for a service that will, with hard work and discipline make me a profitable trader. At last after all these years I know I have found that service. HFP is the best place out there to learn IR markets. Matt is available 18 hours a day for help, advice and gives 100% to his members. He is also a genuine nice guy. There are now 100’s of videos for members to watch and a lively friendly skype room where you can speak to Matt and other members. If your are serious about trading and you are prepared to work hard then this is the place to be.

David – Member since April 2018 Attended course Nov 2018

I have been with HFP for around 2 years now and have found Matts method of trading truly eye opening. The difference with Matt is, he will teach you to read a market so that you can make your own decisions based on a solid, safe method. Combine this with the detailed daily notes and a skype room full of info/videos, plus Matt and other experienced traders only too willing to help you succeed. Quite simply, if you follow the method to the letter, stay disciplined and patient then the rewards will follow

Steve – Member since Oct 2017


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