Video Pack

On completion of the course you will gain access to an ever growing video library of over 450 videos, here is a run down of some features in the video library:

Members Guides – A guide to in-play horse racing trading, A guide to horse racing terminology, course guides, execution guides, reading race cards, basic pointers to horse racing to give you a solid basic foundation to build your trading career from.

The full HFP online course split down into four modules

Webinar One – Trading set up, expectations, what you need to become successful, systematic process, understanding emotions in trading, conflicts of interest, Watch list pointers.

Webinar Two – Make up of a race, running styles, types of races, execution rules, execution pointers, points of entry, observation of ladders, all with examples & explanations.

Webinar Three – Long term trades, covering what influences the market & affects movement long term, pointers to look for on a race card, understanding what an exposed and unexposed horse is, understanding the types of races to look for, talked through examples.

Webinar Four – Understanding both codes of racing, tactics, pace, pre race research and watch list’s, line ups, important execution pointers, maximising profits, running style pointers.

Webinar Five – Preconceptions of the market, Approach to staking, Risk management, Staking pointers, execution pointers, Journey Phases & going full time,

Webinar Six – Execution and the mindset of a winning trader

Video’s of trades – This is split down into several sections for both main codes of racing with trade examples looking at front runners, hold up horses, tricky markets, markets to not enter, patient trades, video’s of many different types of races over many different trips, you will see examples of winning trades, losing trades, scratch trades with key execution pointers, how to take a loss, understanding value of entry, exit and how to manage the trade. There is also some full day of trades with small and bigger stakes.

Case Studies – This section explains how to read a race card giving several examples talking through them in detail before the race for potential long term & in-play trading opportunities and then watching the race and how it panned out.

Daily Watch list videos – Most days when a member of the academy you will receive a daily watch list of key pointers in some of the races that day that could affect the movement in the market, this section talks through the watch list & how to get the best from them.

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