Video Pack
  1. Comprehensive Video Pack: Unleashing a Wealth of Knowledge
    • Upon completing the course, access an expanding video library with over 500 videos covering essential aspects of in-play horse racing trading.
  2. Members Guides: Building a Solid Trading Foundation
    • Explore guides on in-play horse racing trading, horse racing terminology, course insights, execution guidelines, reading race cards, and foundational pointers for a successful trading career.
  3. HFP Online Course Modules: Four Essential Learning Segments
    • Delve into the complete HFP online course, intelligently split into four modules for comprehensive learning.
  4. Webinar Series: In-Depth Insights into Trading Dynamics
    • Engage with webinars covering trading setup, race makeup, long-term trades, understanding both codes of racing, market preconceptions, staking strategies, and the winning trader mindset.
  5. Trade Example Videos: Varied Scenarios and Execution Pointers
    • Learn from numerous trade examples showcasing various scenarios, including front runners, hold-up horses, tricky markets, and insights on managing winning, losing, and scratch trades.
  6. Case Studies: Reading Race Cards for Trading Opportunities
    • Gain a deep understanding of race cards through case studies, exploring potential long-term and in-play trading opportunities before the race and analysing outcomes.
  7. Daily Watch List Insights: Maximising Market Movement
    • Receive daily watch list videos with key pointers for races, enhancing your understanding of market movement dynamics and optimising their utility.

This video pack covers a spectrum of trading elements, providing valuable insights and practical knowledge to elevate your trading skills.

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